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Altium Nanoboard 3000

Altium Nanoboard 3000
Altium Nanoboard 3000
Product Code : 13
Product Description

Part of Altium’s growing family of NanoBoards, the 3000-series NanoBoards provide the perfect entry-point to discover and explore the world of soft design in a low-cost, fun way. In true NanoBoard style, each board in the series offers a reprogrammable hardware platform that harnesses the power of a high-capacity, low-cost programmable device to allow rapid and interactive implementation and debugging of your digital designs.

Some architectural highlights of the NanoBoard 3000 include -

  • Dual boot system, allowing the board to update its firmware in the field by itself, over a standard USB connection – no parallel port or USB JTAG Adapter required
  • Accommodation of a single application-specific plug-in peripheral board for additional system flexibility
  • High-quality stereo audio capabilities, including audio CODEC, high-quality speakers and both MIDI and S/PDIF interfaces
  • 4x Relay and Power PWM drivers
  • USB Hub, providing for the connection of up to three USB devices to be attached for use by an FPGA design programmed within the User FPGA
  • Integrated color TFT touch screen that facilitates dynamic application interaction.

Additionally, a wide variety of FPGA-ready schematic components (ranging from processors to peripheral components and generic logic), and a complete set of tools for development and debugging, are included with Altium Designer.

When combined with Altium Designer, a LiveDesign-enabled 3000-series NanoBoard transforms your PC desktop into an interactive reprogrammable hardware development system – truly an electronics ‘kit’ for the 21st century! Explore, Discover, Deploy – with a 3000-series NanoBoard, you are limited only by your imagination.